SEO Best Practices - Avoiding Common SEO Mistakes

  • by Eric Lancheres: Last updated April 4, 2019

Today we are going to be talking about the most common mistakes people make with SEO. I am going to show you best practices, help you grow your website and make more money with SEO

Let's see what this video covers:

Does GSA (and other types of spammy link) still work?

illustration of spammy linksKind of! It is not uncommon to see spam results as a result of using these tools, particularly in low competition areas.

However, it appears Google is winning the war against these automated tools and therefore, I do not recommend using them to increase rankings as it may lead to a penality. As a results spam is on the decline.

Once again, I would not recommend it!

What type of press releases should I do, if any?

illustration of press releasePress releases definitely have their place. There are two types of press releases.

  1. Do one for the sake of doing one.
  2. Do a press release so it's picked up by journalists.

What many people do not release is you can get a lot of benefits by being picked up by real journalists. Journalists use press releases to learn about what's new in the industry, such as "the worlds first".

So news worthy stories have more chance of going viral and it's not that hard to come up with ideas. For example, with one of my clients in the computer industry, we come up with the idea of building an over-the-top PC in worth $10,000 and it attracted huge attention from news outlets and magazines.

Hint: Journalists don't read the press releases from $5 press release sites.

What's the best way to build cheap links?

discount illustrationBefore answering, you do not necessarily want cheap links. If I had the choice between getting 100 cheap links and 1 really good link, I would go with the 1 really good link... more is not necessarily better as it is about quality or quantity.

However, this is what I would do if I had to acquire cheaper links.

Right now my recommendation is to locate the newest "contributor site" that allows guest posting.

Then sign up, apply and once you're approved, you'll be able to post articles (with links inside) on legitimate sites. These typically won't be the strongest links (because the barrier to entry is low) however they do provide some impact.

Why did I get de-indexed / drop rankings?

illustration of ranking dropFor now there are two main factors why this likely happened.

  1. Link location
  2. On-page quality

Either your links are coming from all the wrong places (and not legitimate, related sites) or the content on your website is not formatted in a way that Google likes!

Of course, there is a third reason... a combination of both!

How can I make more money with SEO?

illustration of funnelling moneySEO is just a tool! People don't ask "how can I make money with a hammer" (at least I hope they  don't)

Here are my two steps to making money online:

  • Step 1) You want to figure out how to make the most money from your pages / website.
  • Step 2) Then you can afford to spend more on SEO to increase the traffic & perpetuate the cycle.

Here is my cycle of building up a website with SEO to increase traffic.

Assumption: 1 helper can create 2 pages per month, 10 links and costs $100/month & you only create content the first and second month to get things going.

Here is a visual breakdown.

How to budget your SEO

What's best? Majestic, Moz or Ahrefs?

Short answer: Ahrefs.

They crawl more links, faster, have a ton of great features and they are putting much more effort into creating a great product.

The other two seem to have fallen behind.

Why is my listing stuck on page 2,3,4?

google listingWhat I typically recommend people do is to go back to the basics. Here is my 3-step process I use.

Step1) Go back to the basics:

  • On-page (Minimum high quality requirements)
  • Backlinks (Are they high quality or not?)

Step 2) If those are met, then look into link velocity, bad site metrics, issues such as html / broken link / crawling issues.

Step 3) Look for direct penalties on Webmaster Tools (Search Console).

Why won't my ecommerce store / affiliate site increase in traffic?

Trying to increase "site wide traffic" rarely works.

Instead, start with 1 page as a focus... and then scale from there.

Get ONE page ranking properly (and getting traffic). After that, use internal links to redistribute the juice and create a second page modelled around the one that worked.

Scale from there!

How can I make getting links easier?

Getting good links is supposed to be hard. It's just as hard for your competition which is why if you do a better job, you'll 'win'.

It gets easier when you spend money and when you scale your efforts with writers & assistants.

The "hard" part is when you're doing everything on your own and you're trying to do it for free.

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