New Backlink Technique - The Reverse Guest Post

  • by Eric Lancheres: Last updated Jan 3, 2020

We have a new backlink technique called the "reverse guest post".
It is a really easy way of getting short term immediate links and also setting yourself up and your money website for a lifetime of links.
Not only can you get some immediate juice back into your site but it's a quick and easy way of getting a natural trickle of links moving forward,

Let's see what this video covers:

What Is The Reverse Guest Post Technique?

The reverse guest post technique, as probably guessed is the opposite to looking for blogs that will accept your guest post.
Instead you create a page advertising the fact you are looking for people to contribute to your blog and actively promote it.

All it takes is a simple 3 step process.

Let's see what these 3 steps cover:

  • Step 1: Set up a page dedicated to accepting guest posts & contributions.
  • Step 2: Share your page with sites that link out to sites that accept guest posts for immediate links. Not only do you get a backlink but just as important, you are exposing your site to more users who may want to contribute.
  • Step 3: Rank the page for long term links (as new guest post lists are created)

STEP 1: Setting Up A Page To Accept Guest Posts

Create a page outlining the types of guest posts you would accept on your site.

Apply the minimum quality guidelines (so it can rank) and include content relevant to both your niche and guest post.

(Optional) Include form for submissions.

Contribution guidelines for guest posts on your website

Focusing On Short & Long Term Objectives

We want the page to look nice for out outreach AND we want it to rank naturally in Google so we get a long term supply of links as people create new lists.

In addition, having relevant text (both for incoming links and the internal links) is highly recommended.

Step 2: Contacting Largest Sites That Have Guest Post Lists

There are many sites that have lists of guest-posts accepting site (and new ones pop up every week!).

Craft your own message or use one of our templates. We saw a 23% success rate from cold emails. (Which is pretty good… and I’ll give you the exact emails I sent out.)

Step 3: The Backlinks You Receive For More Rankings

We are already ranking for:
“guest post niche”
“submit story niche”

(In our case if you type “guest post vr”, we’re already there.)

As time passes and the page accumulates links, you’ll accumulate link juice which you can redistribute throughout your site with internal links.

Internal linking technique for guest post form

Split Test Email Results

The way you craft your email asking to add your site can make a difference.
We tested out 3 different emails with surprisingly different results.

Outreach Notes & Observations

People are busy, they are miss your email or plan on replying but for get.
Therefore, a little reminder can go a long way.

We managed to yield an additional 60% of responses by sending out a follow up email.

So you DEFINITELY want to follow up (People only. Take you. Seriously when you send it twice apparently).

The outreach can be done very quickly if you use out list. If you’re compiling your own list, try to use emails over contact forms as not all of them work.

Offering a payment yielded the best result, even when the amount was minimal. Good to know for future outreach.

Applying Same Idea For Other Link Bait

We can apply the same idea for OTHER link bait.

  • Sites that provide scholarships
  • Sites that accept do-follow comments
  • Sites that accept donations (and list donors)

And I’m sure. There’s a lot more!

How To Build Your Guest Post Page

This is me building my guest post page in real time, click here. ←

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