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How to Get Unlimited Free Google Traffic In 2023 and Have More Time, Money & Freedom than You Thought Was Possible

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Hi I’m Eric Lancheres,

If you want to give your business a steady, reliable stream of organic traffic that steadily converts to profitable sales, then this is the most important message you could read.

Over time, I’ve been recognized as a top SEO authority, charging $1,000 per hour each consultation (and currently not taking private clients at all).

I’ve built my reputation from being one of the few SEO authorities who regularly tests and builds affiliate & ecommerce sites for the sole purpose of testing ranking & traffic strategies.

  • Ideal for Affiliate & E-Commerce Sites
  • The Safest SEO Methods that Actually Bring Traffic & Generate Sales
  • Steady Traffic You Can Count On
  • Fast-Acting With Clear, Measurable Results
  • Little to No Work to Maintain Traffic

What I want to give you today is the chance to access all of my Google Traffic strategies, methods, and secrets in one place.

The ultimate dream for any business with an online presence is to have so much quality traffic that all you have to do is process orders and cash your checks at the end of the week.

Then you actually spend your time the way you truly want... be there for your family, and create a wonderful future for yourself and everyone you love.

This is not only possible, but very straightforward if you know exactly what to do and what not to do.

I can understand why this may have been difficult so far.

Many businesses struggle on Google... following the advice of unseasoned “experts” or trying some tips they read online that may work for a little bit... before you get direct punishment from the search engines for something you thought was safe.

Or you can spend day and night working hard to do what you think Google wants, and then be sadly dismayed to discover that your hard work has brought zero change in your results.

People Fail by Trying to Trick Google or Using Time-Consuming Outdated Methods That Make Them Rank Even Lower (Even if They’re Trying to be Good!)

A lot of well-meaning professionals will tell you that SEO is dead... or that “everything is black-hat” now... or that you should just bite the bullet and use paid traffic sources instead because “time is money anyway.”

Other so-called experts say you should just pay someone to do all your SEO for you (which is incredibly expensive if done right), or that you need to do some massively time-consuming activities for even a hope at climbing the ranks.

To be honest, even though they’re wrong, I understand their frustration.

Google is a very tough storm to weather if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Google never gives you an open playbook of what they’re looking for... and sometimes their advice to entrepreneurs will actually hurt you if you follow it.

That’s why you TEST.

Or rather... that’s why *I* have taken the time to test every little piece of Google’s algorithm to accurately predict what will make your site soar to the top of the rankings.

The only way to really know what Google wants is to see for yourself what methods work and what methods actually damage your site’s rankings & traffic in record time.

It’s why I test changes in Google every single day.

So you don’t have to.

You honestly don’t need me if you have the time and money to create sites, see how Google reacts... and then test every little change to see if you go higher or lower on rankings and traffic.

I do this day in and out, and it’s my passion, so I’ve built a lot of knowledge over the years where I actually can feel and predict when the changes are coming.

And the changes do come often...

There are things that used to work, like Web 2.0... or traditional article marketing... or creating bookmark links... ... or using long-tail anchor text...

None of that works like it used to.

Some of the above STILL works GREAT as long as you do it a very specific way...

Here’s another truth you want to consider...

Who is Eric Lancheres?

Eric Lancheres is widely recognized as one of the Top SEO experts in the world.

He is credited with being the first SEO professional to discover the solution to the Panda & Penguin Updates that crushed thousands of businesses.

In his coaching, Eric has helped dozens of entrepreneurs become millionaires through his SEO consulting and regularly helps businesses raise their profits by 20-75%. Additionally, on his own, he’s created affiliate websites that sometimes generate up to 50,000 in a month, entirely on organic traffic.

These achievements have made him a featured speaker at Traffic & Conversion Summit, SEO Rockstars, & Internet Marketing Party

Eric’s passion is helping people succeed with Google, which is why he’s constantly in the trenches testing what works and creating new business success stories.

Google Can Be Cruel, Vindictive &
Unfair, And That’s Great News

One thing I want to help you do is leap over a barrier to entry your competitors will never touch.

I’m not going to lie, mastering Google traffic is hard.

But once you do it... you have access to the lion’s share of traffic for your industry... and everything is pretty much gravy from then on.

You no longer feel like you’re at Google’s mercy because they are now on your side, sending you tons of traffic while your competitors are still struggling and pleading for a fraction of what you’re effortlessly creating with your business.

When traffic is finally on tap, you have officially arrived and every aspect of your business is 100 times easier.

It’s an amazing feeling when traffic is finally “covered.”

You may feel like you’re struggling now, and I know that’s very difficult.

However, so are most of your competitors.

And they will continue to struggle while you leapfrog above them and enjoy the power and freedom of having non-stop guaranteed traffic every month.

The code for Google has been cracked.... in the sense that there is a clear, achievable, and repeatable way to generate high-profit traffic that comes day and night for months and potentially years on end...

And I can prove it with results.

What I’m offering you here is my tested proven solutions on how to climb the rankings in Google without risking any penalties.

Barriers to entry (like Google search) are very painful when you’re below them, but believe me... they’re absolutely wonderful when you are high above them and everyone else is scrambling below

It’s a lot roomier at the top.

Why Google Traffic is Safer And More Profitable than Paid Traffic

If you do SEO correctly, then Google can give you enough traffic to let you passively keep your business afloat for years on end.

Google can change their rules, but so can any advertising platform like Facebook, Instagram, or whatever banner ad source you like.

The difference is that with Google Traffic, when you have it handled, unless a catastrophe happens (and I’ll show you how to protect yourself from that)... you now have a steady, reliable stream of traffic that you don’t have to keep checking in on.

Start Your Overflow of Unlimited Free Google Traffic Today by Joining Eric Lancheres’ Traffic Research Insider’s Club

Thanks to what I’ve discovered from testing Google’s Algorithm every single day for over 7 years... you can now get 100% of your business and lifestyle fully funded by Google’s organic traffic.

This means no more worrying about where you will get traffic from, or wondering if your profits will disappear one cold morning.

The only way to do this, however, is by having precisely the right current information... for how to convince Google to open the floodgates and send their most profitable buy-ready visitors your way.

This is not something you can get from an ebook, a course, or even a consultation from me, to be honest (unless you book a lot of them at regular intervals)

The only way for you to get this is to join my Traffic Research Insider’s Club, where I share all of what’s currently working on Google... including:

  • How to safely follow ALL of Google’s rules and still absolutely dominate the search results page with your listings.
  • How to get the highest-authority sites to link to you without having to do shady tricks that get you banned.
  • How to turn a site with zero traffic and a deadly black mark from Google into a treasure trove of incoming buyers that bring you endless profits.
  • The secret to doing all of this in as little time and little effort as possible, since the biggest thing that keeps people from doing great SEO is thinking, “This takes too much time!”

Proof #1 Traffic Increases After The Latest Core Updates

Proof #2 "Look Over My Shoulder" Case Study Results

Why Google Traffic is Safer And More Profitable than Paid Traffic

The Only Google Traffic System That Encourages You To Rank
For Highly Competitive (And Lucrative) Keywords

Value: $4,997

There are 3 Powerhouse Traffic Components that make up the Traffic Research Insider’s Club the most effective way to get all the traffic your business could ever want.

Traffic Research Powerhouse Component #1:

The video portion of this program contains all my secrets of every method to getting high amounts of free Google traffic on a daily basis.

It’s literally everything my clients are paying thousands & thousands of dollars to learn from me...

It’s ALWAYS updated, often on a weekly basis... sometimes by the day.

While there’s over 60 hours of content available at the moment (I’m always updating with new developments), you don’t need to go through all of it.

In fact, if you want to Fast-Track your way though the program, I’ll direct you on where you need to go to reach your traffic goals ASAP.

Do you want to focus on...

  • On-Page Factors to Get Google On Your Side Over Your Competitors?
  • Linking Strategies to be Known as a Powerful Authority & Get Massive Traffic?
  • Social Media Tactics to Make Your Site go Insanely Viral?
  • Dominating the “Profit Keywords” you Already Know Get You the Most Sales ?

There is a pathway for ALL of this, and I give you the recipe for hot profitable traffic from every organic source in this program...

These hundreds of video trainings include:

  • 2023 Traffic Gold-Rush Opportunities

    A lot changes month-to-month in SEO (which is why this program is constantly updated), and EVERYTHING can change in a year.

    Learn what’s brand new and almost completely unnoticed by nearly every SEO site out there. This is what keeps you ahead of the pack and profiting the most.

  • Sales & Conversion through SEO

    You don’t have to give up how much you page converts in order to rank #1 in Google.

    Find out how to “Hybrid” your approach so can claim tons of new customers while getting more fresh traffic than you thought was possible.

  • Ultimate Backlink Plan

    Use the brand new “Power of 7” method to give yourself formidable link authority.

    This gets tons of sites to want to link to you organically, while instantly impressing Google with how robust your linking strategy is (without even doing that much work).

  • SEO Profit Powerhouse

    Actually turn your clicks & rankings into dollars. No more “ranking just to rank” or to impress people in your niche. This is what puts money in the bank and gives you real freedom.

Our Members Succeed - Proof #3

  • My SEO Tool Cheatsheet

    This is my own personal lean resource list of web and software tools you can use to cut down your search marketing time by 95%.

    This is what a lot of SEO consultants use to “cheat” when they’re hired for a big project and just want to get you some quick results and bail. (It’s perfectly ok for YOU to do this though if you know exactly what you’re doing.)

  • Clickthrough Rate Booster Formula

    There’s no use in ranking #1 if people aren’t clicking your links on the results page.

    Learn how to make your listings irresistible so anyone who searches for what you have has to click through to your page. (This also makes Google VERY happy and they’ll reward you with even more traffic.)

  • Hard-Case Solution Box

    For those troublesome pages or sites where NOTHING seems to work.  I’ve reviewed thousands of websites as a consultant and have seen just about everything.

    Find out what you need to do if your site seems on Google’s permanent “shut-out list” no matter how much you follow the rules.

  • Viral Traffic Vacuum

    Set up an easy campaign that gets people actively sharing your infographics and links all over Facebook, email, & Twitter, whether they know your business or not.

    Google DOES notice this stuff, plus you’ll have a ton of new visitors clicking around your site to see what you’re about.

  • Getting-Started Station

    New to SEO? In no time, you’ll know more than most “certified” consultants! (This makes it especially fun when an SEO company calls to sell you.)

    Everything is broken down very simply so you quickly understand exactly what you need to do to start getting lots of organic free traffic.

  • S.O.S. Emergency Plan

    Sometimes your site has broken too many rules for too long and it feels like you might as well just delete it and make a new one from scratch.

    In this case, this plan will put your site in “rehab” so it can heal itself and mend its broken relationship with Google. There is almost always a way to save your site and you’ll find it here.

Traffic Research For New Sites - Proof #4

Traffic Research With Established Sites - Proof #5

Traffic Research Powerhouse Component #3:

Get All Questions Answered and Brand New Google Traffic Secrets Before Anyone Else In the Traffic Research Insider’s Forum

Value: $997

One of the greatest aspects of the Traffic Research Insider’s Club is that you get access to me and my top SEO students in our exclusive forum.

Have a question on one of the videos? Get it answered there.

Have a special situation you need help on? Get it answered there.

Sometimes I’ll come in and answer your questions and sometimes I might even create a new video based on a question you have and add it to the content area.

As long as you have access to the forum you’ll always have hands on help for all your traffic needs.

In this forum, you’ll be getting the coaching that clients would be paying thousands of dollars for, and it won’t cost you one extra penny once you’re a member of Traffic Research Insider’s Club.

E-Commerce Doubles Their Traffic - Proof #6

Your Price for Traffic Research Insider’s Club Will Be Shockingly Affordable

As I’ve explained, the value you’re getting in Traffic Research Insider’s club includes:

Video Trainings for Free Unlimited Traffic – 60 Hours of Cutting Edge SEO Secrets that Pay Thousands and Thousands of Dollars for:  $4997

Forum Access with On-the-Spot Coaching from Eric Lancheres: $997.

All this adds up to a value of: $5994. 

And honestly, that would still be a steal, because in the past... clients who have accumulated this amount of knowledge from me have paid many times that for the same information.

However, I realized that if I kept charging very high amounts for this information, only the already-rich would be able to afford this... and my passion comes from helping everyone achieve mastery of Google Traffic, not just the already rich companies who need my help the least.

So I’m going to do something rather crazy in order to make it extremely easy for you to learn how to open the wellspring of Google and have as much traffic as your website can handle.

The Master Recipe for Unlimited Free Traffic From Google is Only $97 per Month

Yes, if you take me up on this offer, I will give you access to the entire program... including Link Vault and my private coaching forum for only $97 per month.

This is truly life-changing. I can’t stress enough that once you crack the code for organic traffic, the world is pretty much your oyster.

No longer do you need to wonder if your traffic supply will turn off at any moment... or stress about if you might have to close up shop if traffic doesn’t improve.

Instead you get to watch more and more sales trickle in as you increase your traffic amounts

The traffic keeps coming in, your sales keep going up... and now you have all the money you could have ever hoped your business would give you.

If I could pay $97 a month for someone to put all this current, actionable information for me, believe me, I would.

If I could just pay someone the full price of $8991 to do what I’m doing daily in order to keep this informational program updated at the level it’s at... providing all the fastest and most effective ways to get organic traffic, I would in a heartbeat.

But as far as I know, I’m one of the only people in the world regularly testing and putting all the most current & proven traffic grabbing techniques in one place.

So if you have any desire at all to get Google traffic to your business, then paying $97 per month is a joke at this point.

What Happens When Google Changes Their Algorithm? This Is Why You’re Always Safe and Ranking High

I know the worst thing about using Google for traffic is that the algorithm can change and you can be worried about losing all your traffic that you depend on for payroll, expenses and your family.

So let me lay this out for you as honestly as possible.

There are two types of changes in Google’s Algorithm:

  • Small changes that can bring certain keyword rankings up or down.
  • HUGE changes that can crush businesses and ruin everything. (I.e. Panda, Penguin, etc.)

For the small changes, you’re AUTOMATICALLY covered... because from my regular testing you will get alerts of when something is up.

A lot of things are phased out over time where you can be well prepared when you have the right information.

Now for the huge changes, I can help you rest assured that these rarely come without warning.

Usually they come on the tail of relentless abuse by black hatters, shady affiliates.

I have my finger constantly on the pulse for this, so if a huge change ever comes, you will get as much warning ahead of time as possible. Obviously, no one can guarantee a heads up for big changes because Google “officially” keeps a tight lid on things like that.

However, I can safely promise you I am your best source outside of the actual Google building.

And if there is a crisis, which can happen once in a while, I can guarantee you that no one will have the solution before I do. I am known for the groundbreaking Panda Breakthrough and Penguin Solution while the rest of the experts were claiming SEO is officially dead.

Click Here To Apply

This is Your Last Shot at Getting Unlimited Free Traffic for Almost No Cost At All

I don’t have to tell you that $97 per month for what I’m offering here is more than a steal.

It’s under six dollars a day.

There’s no contract, and you don’t have to subscribe for the rest of your life. Just until you have enough organic traffic where you’re ready to coast and just relax as your profits come in.

Think of what that will be like... having traffic on tap, where all you have to think about is improving conversions... and once you have that done... you can just kick back and do whatever you want.

You can build an empire if you like... or you can just live your perfect lifestyle... which could mean more time with your family or traveling the world living like Tim Ferris would.

The only thing you have to do is sign up now and get started.

You’ll be inside within minutes and know exactly what to do.

There’s even an easy “Start Here” section that directs you to what to do first depending on where you are in your traffic goals.

Could there be anything more important than having a steady, reliable supply of traffic to your website?

Remember, unlimited traffic ultimately leads you to unlimited sales. Whether you’re running an affiliate site, and e-commerce site, or any business, the more traffic you get, the more sales you get. It’s just simple math.

As great as solid copywriting and good salesmanship is... your ability to make sales is ENTIRELY proportional to your traffic because everyone caps out on their conversion rate at some point.

So do what’s important for your business, your lifestyle, and your family. Apply now.

Imagine being to wake up in the morning, knowing that you have plenty of money in the bank, plenty of new money coming in every day... and all the time you desire... just from having a steady stream of reliable qualified traffic... bringing more and more sales in each day.

Think of how nice it will be to look at your analytics and see that sales are coming in without you having to do anything.

No business can completely be put on autopilot and forgotten, but having an amazing constant flow of traffic gives you the closest possible experience of that.


Don’t waste another second. Submit your application right now.

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Eric Lancheres

P.S. – Just a quick summary of what you’re getting here...

  • All the knowledge that my private $1,000 per hour clients get from me, complete with examples and case studies .
  • Ability to ask your specific question in a forum I visit regularly, as well as hear from other members on how they’re getting more free traffic than they thought was possible.
  • Clear, easy-to-follow videos that demonstrate in real time how I take sites from being completely unknown (i.e., zero hits a month) to ranking at #1 in Google for super-profitable keywords.
  • Access to the Link Vault where you can get extremely powerful backlinks for free or cheap and experience a regular flow of traffic so massive you may end up considering upgrading your server.

I’m not sure how I could make this deal any better. In fact, I could probably double the price of this and not lose any customers inside because how much value they’re getting out of it.

People paying $97 per month are getting $10,000’s and $100,000’s per month back. Some are making literally 500k a month.

Some would even claim Traffic Research Insider’s Club is THE main reason why they now make 7 figures per year (but those people work very hard so I don’t want to take too much credit).

$97 is a joke for something like this. Join the Traffic Research Insider’s club while it’s still at this astounding low rate.

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside.

Eric Lancheres reveals how you can make your website a magnet for Google’s most profitable organic traffic, all with simple, straightforward methods. For the first time, Eric has put 100% of his fast & safe Google Ranking methods in one place for you to access today!

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