Josh H
Traffic Research is the Only SEO Program I Pay For
Jul 3, 2019 Active verified member for 4 years
I've been in the SEO business for more than 14 years and I've given my money to exactly one SEO training program: Traffic Research. I found Eric and Traffic Research after being devastated by the Panda and Penguin updates. I was desperate for help. Not only did I find step-by-step recipes for recovery, but gained an insight into where SEO was headed and what I was going to have to do if I was going to survive. That was several years ago and, by incorporating what's been covered here, I've increased my traffic literally by 1,600% since the depths of the post-Penguin and post-Panda days. My content is better, visitors are happier, and I'm making more money. One of the most refreshing parts of Traffic Research is how down-to-earth and approachable Eric is. It's far too common for "experts" on the internet to either be condescending or simply not give you the time of day. Eric always gives thoughtful personal attention when it's asked for, either directly or in the forums. He's given me some nuggets that I still think about every time I create content. Eric doesn't attack anyone or make anybody feel stupid, which I think is a rare quality online in SEO these days. I've continued my membership since day one largely because of the weekly (or more) SEO courses. Eric covers a variety of topics with professional videos, whether it's an on-page recipe, a spreadsheet for tracking anchor text, or big-picture ideas for tackling changes in Google's algorithm. Simply put, Eric and Traffic Research single-handedly transformed me from an old-school SEO practitioner that was fighting a losing war. I've never been tempted to cancel my membership or look elsewhere for better advice. I'm don't necessarily *want* other SEOs to learn the best from Traffic Research, but there's no denying that they will if they apply what's available to members here.
Alex McIlvride
The Psychology Of SEO
Jun 18, 2019 Active verified member for 4 years
The most important lesson I've learned from Traffic Research is the psychological aspect of SEO and how we often create our own overwhelm, which can ultimately hinder our success. SEO is no easy feat, and the vast quantity of quality material in this membership area proves that. The combination of material supplied, along with the step by step guidance Eric provides is one I haven’t experience elsewhere.
Paul Matthews
10x better than anything else on the web!
Jun 23, 2019 Active verified member for 4 months
I am a business owner who has been doing seo for my own sites on and off for over 10 years. Recently I wanted to take it to the next level. After watching some really great videos, I came across Eric's site and joined about 3 weeks ago. I am totally blown away by the amount of content and the high quality of the content, way better than anything else I've seen!
Fresh Innovative Ideas Backed By Test Results
Sep 14, 2019 Active verified member for 1 month
Over the years, I've bought a lot of different SEO courses. Most of them just give you the same information that can be found on countless blogs and YT Channels. Traffic Research is different, in that I'm finding Innovative Ideas and Fresh Approaches. But best of all are the test results that show you what is working now so you can adapt to the latest algorithm changes from the search engines. Overall, I'm VERY happy I took a chance and joined! The only suggestion I have for them is to provide official support for all the cool plugins they've developed.