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Over 1651 SEO agencies trust Traffic Research to provide them with the latest SEO information since 2012.

Who is Eric Lancheres?

Eric Lancheres is widely recognized as one of the Top SEO experts in the world. His passion is helping people succeed with Google, which is why he’s constantly in the trenches testing what works and creating new business success stories.

He is credited with being the first SEO professional to discover the solution to the Panda & Penguin Updates that crushed thousands of businesses in 2011 and 2012.

In his coaching, Eric has helped dozens of entrepreneurs become millionaires through his SEO consulting and regularly helps businesses raise their profits by 20-75%. Additionally, on his own, he’s created affiliate websites that sometimes generate up to $250,000 in a month, entirely on organic traffic.

These achievements have made him a featured speaker at Traffic & Conversion Summit, SEO Rockstars & Internet Marketing Party.

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Information Site (Affiliate, Lead Generation)

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Information Site (Advertisement Networks, Lead Gen and Affiliate)

Local Business (Lead Generation)

Information Site (Affiliate)

ECommerce Site

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The Traffic Research Insider's Club contains updated videos of my secrets for getting high amounts of free Google traffic on a daily basis, my Rolodex of link sources and an advanced SEO forum.

Are you sick of Google's BS and mysterious algorithm?  I'll show you how I have helped over 1651 companies fight back against the Big G right back and skyrocket your business to the top of the rankings!

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