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* Perfect Links is an advanced tool to locate links within your industry by scanning authority sites. It allows you to find domains that are available for purchase that your competitors are linking to. Additional training is provided inside the Perfect Links tool.
** Site strategy review is delivered as a 10-15 minute video review of your site by Eric Lancheres. Eric will analyze your site and pin-point the biggest leverage point so you can scale your site. 100% confidential.

But first, what to expect...

Some common side effects of being a Traffic Research member have been reported as follows:

  • Massive sustained traffic increase
  • Steady traffic increases on brand new sites
  • Doubling traffic on business & e-commerce stores
  • Sustained increase traffic recovery after Google penalties
  • Little to no work to maintain traffic
  • Finding the highest-authority sites to link to you with no shady tricks
  • Dominating Google's search results
  • Increasing authority for maximum Google trust
  • Applying, formatting and structuring on-page elements for max relevance
  • Dominating “Profit Keywords”

Eric Lancheres is the best SEO guy I've come across in my 15+ years doing SEO

Dan Maynard

Why do I teach my Google traffic tricks? Because I have experienced the pain of losing everything...

Few may know that my journey started after I lost my business through Google penalties

fig. 1

I used to be a full time affiliate marketer, and when Panda first hit, I was devastated and lost over 90% of my income in the span of a month... it changed everything.

fig. 2

I had to let everyone go in a heartbreaking layoff. I wound up completely alone. Even my long-term girlfriend left me because I was so stressed out from not being able to pay my bills. I was utterly depressed, humiliated, and on the verge of absolute poverty.

fig. 3

I had friends with e-commerce, review sites, and service sites that absolutely depended on me to help them and were also being eaten alive by the Google algorithm changes… I had nothing to offer as I had no solutions available. I couldn’t look them in the eye and tell them they would soon be losing everything.

fig. 4

It was this moment, when I realized that my actual survival depended on beating Panda and Penguin. If I didn’t figure out how to recover my sites, I wouldn’t be able to eat, period.

I vowed on everything I believed in that I would find a way to guarantee that anyone with any business could bounce back

fig. 5

I pooled together all my resources… borrowed money when I had to… and ran hundreds of tests and spent thousands of dollars experimenting with my own sites to figure this out. I wrote everything down as part of my new recovery plan.

fig. 6

Fast forward 10 years and I built my reputation on recovering and growing Google traffic when everyone else had given up. I help both agencies with problematic clients, multi-million dollar ecommerces, affiliate websites and startups alike.

Who says you should let Google control your fate?

I have taken the time to "test every little piece of Google’s algorithm" to accurately predict what will make your site soar to the top of the rankings.

Along the way, I have found that people fail by trying to trick Google or use time consuming outdated methods, while meaningful professionals say SEO is dead... or "everything is black-hat".

What I’m offering is my tested proven solutions on how to CLIMB the rankings in Google without risking any penalties.

The code for Google has been cracked, but the algorithm
keeps changing... so I keep testing.

"So what is all this about anyway?"

(Glad you asked.)

Traffic Research is an Insider's Club designed to help you generate high levels of free Google traffic

This program combines videos (updated weekly) of my secrets for getting high amounts of free Google traffic on a daily basis, my Rolodex of link sources and an advanced SEO forum.

  • This guy provides so much value. Wow. My mind is blown! Thanks Eric!
  • Having already used these techniques with Eric's course I will strongly recommend everyone get this one. Even if your site wasn't hit, you can make sure it stays that way.

This insider's club & community is designed
to bring you success

Thanks to what I’ve discovered from testing Google’s Algorithm every single day for over 7 years... you can now get 100% of your business and lifestyle fully funded by Google’s organic traffic..

Powerhouse Component #1:


The video portion of this program contains all my secrets of every method to getting high amounts of free Google traffic on a daily basis.

It’s literally everything my clients are paying thousands & thousands of dollars to learn from me...

Powerhouse Component #2:


The Link Vault is an exclusive insider network where you can get extremely powerful links that curb your rankings to the top of Google in record time.

Sometimes these links cost a little and often they’re free if you’re willing to be a little more patient.

Powerhouse Component #3:


One of the greatest aspects of the Traffic Research Insider’s Club is that you get access to me and my top SEO students in our exclusive forum.

Have a question on one of the videos? Get it answered there.

Have a special situation you need help on? Get it answered there.

Here's how it works...

On average, once a week, I’ll update the the member's area with a new video where I reveal my latest SEO test findings. These will be episodes that cover every possible aspect of SEO under the sun.

And trust me, these are engaging, full throttle, informative video series covering proven tactics that really do increase rankings while staying safe.

The moment you become a member you will have exclusive access to over 3 years of testing in video format - updated on average once a week (sometimes longer depending on the size of tests)

I give you direct access to my personal Rolodex of link sources for powering up your website's authority safely and quickly... trust me, you don't need as many as you think!

You obtain exclusive access to Traffic Research's Advance SEO Forum where you can share, ask and help each other... I am on there daily helping out.

I understand the importance of providing 1 on 1 SEO advice. That is why I have created Office Hours Submissions where you get SEO guidance specific to your website.

Myself and my support team are at hand to reply to any questions or inquiries. We usually reply on the same day, but never longer than 48 hours.




But you’ll have to subscribe to see.

Here's what people are saying about the program

Of course you do not have to listen to what I say, but here is what others say.

  • One of the best seo's out there, and I have guest vlogged on here a few times with great feedback and will be more in the future. I have advanced seo's as friends who have signed up and love all of Eric's content. They say things like "I feel like a kid in a candy store" - BRIAN PARNALL
  • Eric is the man for SEO, but I never tell anyone about him because I don't want my competitors to even hear his name. - STEVE BLOM
  • Eric's awesome! The only SEO service I've ever used and I haven't felt the need to go anywhere else since. 400% increase in traffic over the past 18 months pretty much just paying attention and implementing what we talk about. - JOSHUA HEILPERN
  • Having already used these techniques with Eric's course I will strongly recommend everyone get this one. Even if your site wasn't hit, you can make sure it stays that way - CLINT BUTLER
  • This guy provides so much value. Wow. My mind is blown! Thanks Eric!
  • I've ALWAYS thought original content, content management is key to organic ranking and genuine growth, thanks for proving it along with providing a fantastic structure and process to follow! - CHRISTOPHER TAN
  • Your antipanda advices were the ones that saved me from bankruptcy - DAVID OROZCO

OK, here's what you are probably thinking...

Well, I don't really know what you're thinking, but can only assume...

How do I know if the content up to date? +

Each week new content is added inside the membership covering the latest Google ranking techniques. If a technique no longer works, we remove it from the training.

I have tried other programs and I didn't get me the results I was looking for. How is yours different? +

I provide proven methods (and often provide case studies along my methods so you can see and touch everything) that you can follow along. In addition to simple, step by step methods that are designed to be implemented, I provide scripts, copy/paste text and guidelines to make everything as easy as possible. If ever you get stuck, we also have a forum that can support you along the way.

But what if I get stuck or don't understand something? +

All the training inside Traffic Research is designed to be easy to understand however if you do run into questions, we encourage you to ask them!

There are three ways to get support within Traffic Research:

  1. Directly underneath each video:
    Here you can ask any question pertinent to the training you just saw. We monitor these daily and the responses are quick! I'll help clarify a point or elaborate on how you can use the information in your situation.
  2. Advanced SEO Forum:
    You can ask questions inside the forums. Here you can meet and discuss SEO challenges with a community of experts.
  3. Direct Support:
    You'll have access to help forms where you can contact the Traffic Research team directly for additional support.
Will this program work for me? +

I have helped thousands of business owners get started and grow their business online... and if you apply the information inside, I'm confident you'll also find success. Absolutely anyone can be successful, it's just a matter of applying yourself and surrounding yourself with like-minded people.

I've signed up for monthly subscriptions before that lock me in and don't allow immediate cancellation. +

You can cancel your subscription at anytime by using our internal form or emailing us at

It's easy, takes a few seconds and there are no surprises. We'll wish you the best and never bill you again.

I have no SEO experience at all, is this program for me? +

My golden rule is... if you don't have a website, then this isn't for you.

However, if you do have a website and have been operating online for at least a year, then this will help you scale your business to the next level. Inside I teach powerful tricks to rank on Google that are easy to understand, easy to execute that apply to both new and established websites.

And now for all the boring stuff that I must say

Yes some boring bits of information, but they still need to be said

Cancel your monthly subscription anytime, no questions asked.

I'm 100% confident that this program will offer all your SEO needs. My heart and soul has gone into this which is where my confidence comes from. If for what ever reason you do not share this confidence nor feel it is providing you value, then you can cancel at any time, no questions asked

There is no better time to buy than NOW!

Truthfully though, there is no time like the present. The longer we wait, the more we put off the inevitable and the more challenging it gets as the search engines continually change and adapt.  Sign up now, start applying my recommendations and watch yourself grow... remember, my main goal is for you to get a substantial ROI that more than pays for this program.

All my energy goes into this program...

As you already know, I vowed to find a way to guarantee that anyone with any business could bounce back to higher traffic levels and get the sales.

I have been offered plenty of big money to work exclusively for agencies, but none of that has meaning nor involves helping others. My journey was a personal one and my main drive is to help others which is something extremely important to me.

That's way I can assure you that you'll get nothing less but my full support!